Suspension Training – Part II Old School

Here we discuss the history and use of Ropes and Rings.

Stay tuned for Part III where we discuss the research and use of suspension training.

I first came across the suspension ladder called the U.S.A. – Universal Strength Apparatus in 2010. I’ve reviewed it and compared it to other suspension trainers in Part 1. Here is a video of  Larry Betz (Director of Brooklyn Athletic Club) and I using the suspension ladder and demonstrating various exercises. I think it’s a very useful tool and has many features that make it one of the most versatile of the suspension trainers I’ve reviewed and used.

The original U.S.A. was made by Body Weight Culture but they no longer manufacture or distribute it. Here is my affiliate link to Amazon where you can get a suspension ladder made by WOSS. It is much less expensive than the original U.S.A.
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You can also find the suspension ladder in the Amazon Store above.
It’s well made and a good value.
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